Harley Davidson Road King

Most people who dream of owning a motorcycle as the pinnacle of the motorcycle-riding world. For some, traveling across the country on the Harley Davidson seat is an epitome of freedom and spirit. For the individuals who feel like touring through unexplored roads and through untouched wilderness, a Harley Davidson Road King is the perfect choice for them.

Harley Road King is a rear-wheeled motorcycle with a classic design inspired by cruisers from the 1950s. Its headlamps, rotary indicators, engine, and studs are treated with chromium. It has an electronic control unit installed on the reservoir, this unit is made up of the speedometer, the distance to the empty meter, the tachometer and the gear indicator. Road King also has a detachable front windshield, optional cruise control. Read more »

Harley Davidson Touring Bikes

Harley Davidson Saddlebags. Harley Davidson has been manufacturing motorcycles for over a decade. One of their models is the Harley Davidson Touring Bike. For a convenient ride on this bike, you require Harley Davidson Saddlebags. This will ensure your contents are safe with you on the move. There are various reasons to adopt Harley Davidson Saddlebags for your custom touring bike.

These are: They conveniently carry your personal goods ensuring they are safe and available wherever you go. They are efficient, durable and lightweight. The materials used in manufacturing these saddlebags are durable and lightweight. The will not add extra weight to your bike. They are tough. These saddlebags will become handy if you are carrying heavy loads. As they are tough, your heavy load will be easily fastened around the back of your motorcycle. They have different pockets and are divided into compartments. This will ensure your things don’t get mixed up on your journey. Read more »

Motorcycle Road Trip

If you are an avid explorer who enjoys the beautiful outdoor sceneries and living in North Carolina, you have unlimited places that you can visit. Touring is known to be one of the best ways that you can you and your friends can set off to the beautiful adventures of discovery and have limitless fun. The Grandfather Mountain is considered an iconic site that provides you with diverse activities that you can undertake. From hiking, backpacking, or walking through the mile-high swinging bridge, you are assured of having the moment of your life when you visit the place.

The Blowing Rock town also found in North Carolina, attracts a lot of tourists because of its vast range of places that you can visit. You can visit the Wahoo river if you are a lover of boat riding or kayaking or the Mystery hill which is a phenomenal site because everything here goes against gravity.

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Colorado Hiking And Vacation Adventures

When you sit down to plan your holiday and hiking in Colorado, get ready to be surprised. Colorado not only offers some of the most glorious scenery in the country, but there’s also a great vacation and hiking memory waiting around each curve. Golden, It is rich in culture, outdoor activities, natural beauty, booming business and friendly people. Colorado is the crown of the Rocky Mountain high loop and rugged alpines.

Colorado’s western part has some of the most beautiful places imaginable. It is also home to numerous destinations in Colorado, such as Glenwood Springs, the great hot springs, Grand Junction, the entrance to the red rock columns at the Colorado National Monument, and urges the visitor to look for the outstanding features.

Regardless of whether you come to investigate(explore) and find out Colorado’s history or even outdoor undertakings. It will not take long before you realize why it is difficult to avoid Colorado. Regardless of the season, you can hike, bike, camp and enjoy the outdoors at Colorado.

A Few Things To Know About Harley Davidson Motorcycles For Sale

People interested in motorcycles know the value of the best models, and one of the most desired is Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson motorcycles are unique in design – they all have some version of a V-Twin engine and are designed for street or highway riding. The company is offering 35 different models for 2019 with prices ranging from around $6,900 to over $50,000. However, the majority of Harley’s 2019 line pricing is in line with other well-known motorcycle company’s offerings – companies like BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati and Triumph.

People who haven’t been in the market for a motorcycle recently (or first-timers) may experience some sticker shock. However, like automobiles, today’s state of the art motorcycles have massive technological improvements that make them safer, more reliable, and easier to ride than their predecessors. These improvements always come at a cost, but in case you haven’t noticed, car prices have gone up some to over the years (I bought a brand new Shelby GT500 in 1969 for $6500 out the door). Also, for you folks who haven’t had a chance to ride a big-bore bike recently – or at all, my suggestion is that you take a test ride before you decide. Most Harley dealerships have certain days when Harley corporate personnel visit and conduct the test rides. Finally, for those of you looking to move over from motorcycles that have small-bore, high RPM engines like the “racing” style bikes you see on the street, be prepared for some serious low-end power. Harley lists its engine specs by torque, not horsepower, and the raw power from the huge cylinders will be immediately apparent when you twist the throttle no matter what engine size you choose. The largest engine Harley offers this year is a 114 cubic inch monster – that’s a 1.8 liter engine – larger than some automobile engines!

Buying a pre-owned Harley Davidson motorcycle has many benefits for potential owners, but don’t expect cheap here. Harley motorcycles are considered by many of their owners to be a blank canvas that can be made unique to the owner through the addition of  thousands of aftermarket and Harley Davidson factory customization items. There are some truly beautiful Harleys out there for sale. An added bonus is that when a Harley owner goes to the trouble and expense of customizing a bike, it generally follows that the owner will take exceptional care of it. As a result, Harley Davidson motorcycles have the best overall resale value in the world. Many models are known to have added value with time.

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Basics Of Motorcycle Touring

What will you be doing on your next vacation? If you haven’t considered a road trip on your motorcycle, perhaps it’s time to rethink your options. One of the best ways to achieve this is to organize a motorcycle tour and it doesn’t matter if you are going alone, with your significant other or in a group. There aren’t many ways to experience that “get away from it all” feeling these days, but a motorcycle tour is certainly one of them.

Let’s take a moment to think about planning for a successful and fun tour. You’ll need to think about how long the tour is, what shape your ride is in, what shape your wallet is in, and what shape you’re in.

How long will your planned tour be? Tour planning is made simpler by researching routes that have been ridden and documented for their scenic beauty and “fun factor”. Harley & others publish touring handbooks online that are worth researching. They are on the Harley site under “Owners / Plan Your Ride / Ride Planner”. There are some amazing tours out there! How about the “Tail of the Dragon” in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, “Three Twisted Sisters” in central Texas or along the “Skyline Drive” in Virginia, just to name a few.

How many days do you expect to be on the road? Could you stretch that number of days if you need to drive fewer miles each day? What type(s) of terrain will you expect to be in? Long stretches of straight highway are generally less popular for motorcycle touring trips – it’s usually the twistier and hillier the better. But, whichever trek you choose means that your motorcycle’s tires better be up to the task. You might consider talking with whoever puts the tires on your bike about the length of your journey vs. the current condition of your tires.

Speaking of tires, be sure to check the load limit of your ride & adjust the tire pressures accordingly. Tires that are in good enough shape for no-luggage, single-rider around-town trips could heat-fail during a long, luggage-packed trip. You should also take your ride to a certified mechanic and have it gone over with a fine-toothed comb to identify any issues that might cause a breakdown on the planned trip.

From the Harley websites, here is a couple of URL’s you might want to check out while planning your trip:
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