Harley Davidson Road King

Most people who dream of owning a motorcycle as the pinnacle of the motorcycle-riding world. For some, traveling across the country on the Harley Davidson seat is an epitome of freedom and spirit. For the individuals who feel like touring through unexplored roads and through untouched wilderness, a Harley Davidson Road King is the perfect choice for them.

Harley Road King is a rear-wheeled motorcycle with a classic design inspired by cruisers from the 1950s. Its headlamps, rotary indicators, engine, and studs are treated with chromium. It has an electronic control unit installed on the reservoir, this unit is made up of the speedometer, the distance to the empty meter, the tachometer and the gear indicator. Road King also has a detachable front windshield, optional cruise control.

In the past few years of rising fuel and energy costs, Harley has taken a new identity as an eco- friendly alternative form of transportation. With a gas mileage of between forty-five and fifty-five miles per gallon, Harley-Davidson is more efficient than ninety-nine percent compared to other brands.

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